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5237 FORD STreet speedway IN 46224 us


I guess it all started a few years ago when Terry Engle asked if I had ever been to Bonneville? Almost all of us has a dream of going to the Salt Flats someday I think and most all hot rod shops have at least one picture of the salt hanging in their shop. Terry shamed me into going in 2002 and I was hooked! It's just that neat! The weather is great (maybe windy and wet some days) but usually pretty nice, the people are very laid back and the entire scheme of the event is pretty casual.

As an Indianapolis Indiana shop owner on Gasoline Alley many of my local friends are metal fab shops that support various forms of racing. After a couple trips to the salt I knew we had to have a car and go to race. Donnie at DB's (another fab shop close by) had a 1949 Ford F-100 and we sat down one evening and looked at the rule book knowing where a couple of modified flathead motors were laying around and the idea started from there. 
Multiple shops all pitched in to build this truck. 

         XF=Flathead Ford PP=Production Pickup

Latest info found at out "racin!" page above. 


The Loadamatic served well for the last five years of flathead engines.

Vacuum only advance works well on a stock engine only !!!



The crab two bolt design used a couple different caps between 42-48.

Small contacts and 22 degrees of advance works very well..



Althought there are many versions per engine application the Helmet has been a proven ignition system

for the flathead engines. 


​1932-1941 Ford v8