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flathead ignition

Ok, its March the 18th , i dont have a clue where the year has gone but i do know i am hopelessly behind as usual !!.

I ship a couple boxes and receive three to four in the door every day..So Terry and i have got to put a plan together to catch up !!! Actually i made it worse by being down with a pinched nerve in my back for 4-5 weeks.

1= Our basic business has been and will continue to be stock factory distributors that fit a Flathead Ford V8.

I have tons of cores and experience on these units! ( 200 to 300 per year)

So they will receive first time slot in our everyday work process. Terry likes taking them apart etc and i enjoy building them with a very good turn around!! In some cases it could be the same day we receive them but should never be longer than a week....Thats our plan so stay with us....

2=Chevrolet conversions ( replacing the Loadamatic on modified Flatheads) 

In the last eight years we have shipped over 2000 of these conversions. I have become the largest buyer of Echlin contact points in our NAPA system!!  Problem is i cant build them fast enough!! For a while it was a problem with the cores and the core supply , however we have sourced a new core that saves us some time cleaning and disassembling the old nasty used distributor!!!  But even today the new core must be disassembled and taken to the machine shop. Now the ball is in someone elses court, i have a lathe and machined the first few my self but i cant do them very fast so thats the reason to take them out. I try my best to do 12 units at a time and usually have the cores at the shop but need to find the time to make them and put them together ,test and adjust the curve for the flathead and ship.

Good news is after doing so many and watching the flow and discussions with customers , we have changed and fixed the slightest issue as we went !  They are the very best you can purchase for he best price of any in the marketplace!!

We no longer offer a electronic version and include a matched ignition coil with every unit we shipped ! This solves the coil problems with the wrong coil being used on your hot rod and a damaged electronic control module.

We do suggest using the Pertronics 1181LS with our distributors and they have worked very well with our supplied coil.

3=Mallory and aftermarket distributors.

I love the look of the two piece black cap Mallorys and have built hundreds of them. However they take a lot more time to get done and require parts ( that are no longer available) . I have  a lot of parts collected over the years that i keep for our rebuild customers etc..  

Ex: I took apart a early Mallory today that will need some parts machined and made just for this special Mallory. Not a problem but i will more than likely have three days in it when shipped back to the customer. Thats love there NOT profit...The same would go for the Lincolns, Dual coils, Harmon Collins and Grant Flamethrowers ! Yep i love them but they cant be rushed...

4=The shop ?

I moved out of my large shop approx 10 years ago and closed LInder Fuel Injection (after 19 years). We moved into a little shop that had a huge storage building next to it. June 30th 1917 we moved out of both those buildings to a small garage and a mini barn for storage. We got it all moved but it will take some time to organize all the parts, cores etc...

We work on this when we find a spare minute (or take one). So bare with us and we will get it done!

Use the contact on the web site as i answer these every day. Seldom have time to answer the phone !

Jim  & Terry