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5237 FORD STreet speedway IN 46224 us

Artist drawing ( David Lord)  from Newport  showing the bus hauler/camper, the model T Speedster and Bubbas Garage. 2006 ????

Some Bubba Thoughts from our 32  years at Newport.

Some car guy next to bubbas made killer bloody marys for years every  morning. RIP Putz !
I aint ready to laugh about this !! After i told terry he did good for a old guy when the trailer hitch came off the trailer on our way back to Indy.
Man a big wheel will really roll coming down the hill. 41 mph per local cops radar..
Race fuel with a bit of nitro will eat up your shop rag ??
That time i lost a borrowed air compressor on the way home !!​Type your paragraph here.

Well I turn 70 this year (April ) and its another milestone.

People ask me some times “what do you do” and my answer for 50 plus years is “I do Cars”
From a kid in the Esso station in the early sixtys my entire life has been servicing, teaching or just playing with cars!!! From a farm mechanic , gas station, motorcycle shop,Firestone ,fleet mechanic for Town Of Speedway Police cars-trucks etc. Then teaching mechanics at Lincoln Tech ( Ignition ) to Allen Testproducts as program developer and training instructor. Opened my own business in 1991 training mechanics, dyno shop and servicing Fuel Injector Systems with products shipped all over the US . Taught automotive seminars in 28 states over the years...

Hobby interests has always been cars and hot rods . Vintage cars caught up with me at the Newport Indiana Annual Hillclimb and my friends and I serviced the entered cars in a Newport Alley for 32 years....Could write a book regarding those 32 years!!! We called out little mobile shop “Bubbas Garage” . Heres some Bubba humor from Newport !

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaonGUjf8YY  (cut and paste)

For 2019 our plans are to only service Ford Flathead V8 distributor units and a few select aftermarket units. (such as Mallory, Grant Flamethrower and harmon Collins).. 

This should quicken our turn around time and thats what we do best . Flatheads ...  Type your paragraph here.

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