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Mallory YC  Model 11A:   Customer sent this one in for a evalautaion. Didnt know if he wanted to purchase one of our new Mallorys for the Model A or use what he had.  I ask him to send it to us and let us decide for him. This is what i got in the box.  Points were just thrown in , incorrect condensor and damaged drive shaft coupling??? The metal in these old units is pretty good. and usually has a light rust coating and some crud preventing the advance opersaion. So lets clean er up and then take another look.  WOW cleaned up just great , even the contacts were new , just greasy ( a trip to the ultrasonic cleaner and they are great).  Reassembled with a fresh coat of clear and some spray lube . Ran on tester unit has a 20 degree advance plate and thats at 2500 rpm.

Works like a champ. Put another 10 or so degrees on the balancer and you got your 30 degrees. Has that old school look....

‚ÄčThis worked out to be quite a bit cheaper than selling him a new one.....

I have many friends with Model A's and four cylinder engines. Problem most just dont have a clue as to how many degrees of ignition timing they actually have.

Most just set the pin, adjust the distributor cam and live happily ever after!  Thats fine until we start the addition of a high compression cylinder head, a modified ful system and a engine rebuild.

The Model B distributor uses a full mechanical advance providing 20 degrees of mechanical advance at 2500 rpm and they work very well but can be a little difficult to source and find .

 A few years ago i seen this article in Charlie Yapps Secrets of Speed ( banger magazine) and bought up some for these new Mallory (Ford fork lift) distributors), we machine the housing to fit the A engine , recurve the advance weights for 30 degrees at 2000 rpm and add a new drive shaft , ignition coil and plug wires. They are single point units that works with 6 or 12 volt systems. 

More timing info available  here : http://www.fordgarage.com/pages/bdistributoradvance.htm

Our kit comes complete ready to run with cap, rotor, contact points ( no electronic), matched ignition coil ( either 6 or 12 volt) and a set of ignition wires.  Its  $ 350 plus $18 shipping.  To date we have shipped over 100 of these units.

Mallory Stocker old school.

After watching Model A  and T classes run in the yearly Newport Hill Climb I noticed the extreme need for a better distributor !!!

We use a new 4 cyl  core , disassemble, machine and recurve for the lower rpm band. 

Two finishes are available , vintage gray and billett. Comes ready to run with cap , rotor, contact points,12 volt ignition coil, correct advance curve and a wire set.