flathead ignition


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Each GM distributor cam has a number on the bottom side showing the advance range for the engine application. Like ex: #524 would be a 24 degree advance slot. We use a bushing if needed to keep the advance limits between 18-24 degrees. Special order cams are available see cam adjustment page.

Cams are glass beaded and the cam section is polished on a high speed plastic wheel for long point life etc. Each cam is then spray lubed to prevent rust down the road...

Vacuum units are removed and the end section bead blasted.

The vacuum is then brazed (welded) to make a positive stop for the breaker plate movement. We cut the vacuum diaphram off the old used vacuum unit and disgard it...

Note ; We have found the vacuum unit very hard to tune on a flathead and prefer using the mechanical advance with no vacuum. However if you want it, we will install with the build using a adjustable vacuum advance... 

All screws are disgarded and will be replaced with stainless allen screws !!

Point plate ( painted trans star black) with plate ground wire is installed with vacuum arm. Center grease well is packed with high temp grease. ( A GM secret for years) 

Point plates are cleaned before being painted "trans star" black primer , ground lead is inspected and repaired if needed. Advance weights are polished and lubed and primary lead wires are cleaned or replaced.

Note !  This finely stranded lead is the final voltage drop to protect the ignition points and should always be used !!

Another OEM secret for long life...... 

The cores come from everywhere and can be pretty greasy / nasty cores. The distributor wears very well in the Chevrolet engine but often has tons of grease on it!

From the picture on the left to the picture on the right could be three to four days of very hard work!!

After shipping 1800 plus of the Delco conversion i realized that i didnt really have a good support page regarding this unit.

So here it is!

The Loadamatic distributor from Ford used on the 49-53 Ford flathead actually is a great distributor , as long as you have the correct carb and the engine has very few mods etc. We offer this unit as a complete rebuild with new vac advance, cap and rotor,coil and resistor ready to run for $350.

Our Delco unit is for those multiple carbs and high lift cams that may have different vacuum signals because of the modifications!

We start with a GM Aluminum Delco point type distributor from a 1968 to 1972  chevrolet V8. We buy these cores when ever and where ever we can , they are hard to find sometimes.  The units are disassembled, degreased and glass beaded prior to sending to the machine shop. Takes a couple days with two part time guys to get these ready. The core pic shows the latest 20 units ready to machine. Only the shaft and outer aluminum case need machining to fit the Flathead V8 . Shaft and bushings are checked for wear and replaced if needed at this time. Lower shaft is machined for a new flathead drive gear and uses a 1/2 inch lower shaft to fit all covers with or without the lower merc style cover. One housing and shaft fits all the 49-53 front covers.