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After building and shipping 2000 plus of our delco conversions i knew we had a major problem!!  Sure there was changes from time to time as production and orders increased ( and over the years there is a listof  them)  this problem wasnt good , however it wasnt bad either??

The problem was we just couldnt keep up with the demands to get them done !!!

In the past we picked up Chevrolet V8 Aluminum distributors anywhere we could find them ,( at one time i could buy 50 or more in a day at the large Louisville swap meet) and at a decent price as well ! 

The large rock in the gears was that these cores were just plain "nasty dirty cores" and took a large amount of time to clean up, blast and machine for the Flathead engine!

A industry friend found us a fair deal on a 100% new Chevrolet distributor.  Every part is new and we add other new parts (proven Echlin Heavy duty Ignition contacts and condensor ) New stainless screws,factory style holddown  and a new Flathead drive gear makes the unit perfect!!

We no longer offer electronic ignition based on the customers lack of understanding of ignition coils etc.

We suggest using a #1181LS pertronixs if electronic ignition is preferred....

We also ship each unit with the correct ignition coil set up and factory primary resitance wire from coil to point set...

We block off the vacuum arm by  welding up the arm.  Its my thinking that a vacuum advance on a multi carb flathead is very hard to tune for most flathead owners . ( we do have adjustable advance units available see below)

Distributor cap and rotor are standard chevrolet window units .

Complete unit ready to run is $350

However we do off the option of a windowless distributor cap (in Red or Black) and a adjustable vacuum unit for another $50 upgrade..

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