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September 29 , 2019 update .....

Treatment # 52 is in the books. Making adjustments to my take off (fluids removed) each treatment. They had hit bottom finally and was wearing me out for the entire day. A readjustment made it better and raised my dry weight number a couple Ks . Tapered the end of treatment and the last two have been great. Felt so good after treatment yesterday , I took the wife to dinner . Stay tuned we may get this thing adjusted some day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 2nd 2019  (UPDATE)

Treatment # 42 is tomorrow . I call it "lunch with friends" as my appts are from 10:30 to 2"30 and i bring my lunch. Eat lunch and watch TV , also writing a book about growing up in Tennessee

 Some very good times .

Shop is almost todaly re-orged getting ready for winter . 

I work with my part time guy Terry approx 3-4 hours every other  day and just today got three more backorders done .  Got the list down to 12 units ....

Also plan to write a Ignition book as time permits , have started some out lines for content . Will cover early Ford very well...

Health 2019 !!!!!

Ok this one is a tough one but something  wish to do. Early April ( i turned 70 April the 18th ) i went to the local VA with extreme shortness of breath and after a two day hosipital stay it was determined to be Eosinophilic Pneumonia requiring some tough steriods to get it fixed .

Problem was my kidneys may or may not like the steriods and was at dangerous levels already. (been diabetic for years) 

Long story short its been in and out of hospital and the kidneys got much worse.

I am now on kidney dialysis every other day  This sounds awefull but i just (June 15th) finished treatment # 8 and am getting better every day.

For me its pretty convient as the VA Dialysis center is just a few blocks from my house and the trip is short and the service is un real!!

Its a in and out and takes approx 4 hours each day. I am learning the diet needed to make this work and we (Barb and I) are following it very well. I have lost 35 plus lbs and just today have kicked the habit of wheel chair and oxygen unit.

The phys·i·cal side is tough but its really about the emotional side that takes its toll on your mindset.

Now after talking to friends and internet bloggers that have done this for many years it becomes a little easier, so i guess i have resolved to gett-er done. My dialysis days are set for now at every tuesday, thursday and sat for as long as i can see .....SO each and every tuesday, thursday and sat i will run down to VA and get er done !!!!!!

As far as work goes i must stop taking any new orders and simply get caught up. I have orders (many paid etc) and will start the process to get them shipped as soon as possible. Plan on starting this coming week ( June 17th etc) Terry my part time guy is here and will give me some help wed afternoon. These orders are apart , glass beaded etc and just need some assembly and testing to ship.........

Stay tuned as i will update this page as time allows , hopefully each and every week   

Comments etc to Jim Linder@ juno.com


Yesterday makes treatment # 23 and it kicked my ass with the removal of 4.k off the liquids...Usually 2.6-3-5 etc isnt a problem but they call it a challenge when they take off some extra. Very hot in Indy and i was wore out when treatment was over ... Over all i am doing very well with a 63lb weight loss from a VA scale a years ago. Weight loss seems to have stopped and hit the bottom but i am really watching my diet (first time in years).

Picked up a new issue this week being on blood thinner, steriods and dialysis makes the blood thiner, and the skin very very dry... Steriods dont help either ., friday i hit my hand on a metal part of the door leaving the shop, Small red spot friday , now a baseball knot on top of hand , damn it back to VA , doc says its a hematoma under the skin, ace bandage and will take a week or two before it goes down. Slept last night in a chair with frozen peas laying on the hand all night , somewhat better today, but still a issue with major brusing and swelling...

All in all i still feel much bettter , (beats a hosipital bed) . My grandson Jake and part time guy Terry ( 20 plus years) have got ALL the orders done, cleaned up etc and all i need to do is get up the energy to build, test them and ship. A very special thankyou for being understanding in this regards......

Look on the flat spot and Ford barn to see that they also remodeled the shop and painted all the floors etc while this was going on as well..The A/C is working very well and gets us a few hours each day ( on my off treatment days)  Stay tuned we will get it done..............

Jim (Bubba)l


December 14    2019  (up date)

Had number #87 yesterday and it went well , we are using the left arm fistula hookup and its a bit different from the caths i have been using . Yesterday was day four for the arm hookup (they will remove the other caths soon) . Been pretty much worn out after the treatments and the nose bleed ( required a 10 day hosipital stay) still is causing sinus headaches . Seems like its taking forever to heal. I think they did more damage than good to my sinus!!! I have decided i am restricted to the home "compound" pretty much until i get better. Got to really work on this mobility issue ....