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Some more health issues , got up one day and sitting at the kitchen table had a nose bleed . After trying everything we knew ended up at the VA emergency room . Nose bleed turned into a 10 days hosipital stay ...Sent home with a nose packing that hurt like hell, Had ( or have ) a busted vein in my nose and blood thinners make it worse .  So now i still get a nose bleed from time to time but a small gauze fixes the problem for days or weeks at a time .

VA performed a echo cardiogram on my heart looking for the cause of my shortness of breathe and found a blockage in one of my arterys , went in for a heart cath and they found the problem but couldnt balloon the problem out .

They set another appt for a different procedure with a drill of sorts and then installed a stent . This was performed on Feb 26th  requiring only a one night stay in hosipital. 

I am home now but being pretty damn carefull as to what i do !!!