flathead ignition


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The helmet used on the flathead Ford V8 from 1932 to 1941 is one of the best distributors ever made ,

however it does have many specs and needs during set up .

We adjust the drivers side point set to perfect engine timing on a distributor machine and verify timing slot is centered when it leaves our shop. Each unit is ran and lubed and there is NO need to adjust this timing on the engine. The timing slot allows 12 degrees of engine timing if and when ever needed 6 degrees retard and 6 degrees of advance…

Vacuum Brake is restored with new leather and adjusted with three turns inward. If further adjustment is needed it would need to be done on a test drive listening for spark knock per Ford instructions. A properly adjusted brake will retard spark timing at cranking speed, then allow advance when engine starts and vacuum increases a nice feature from the factory guys! The vacuum brake is needed even if not hooked to a vacuum line for a load on spark ring inside distributor.

All internal parts are cleaned , polished , lubed and replaced if needed . Parts are painted to prevent any rust or corrision as time goes on.New contact points are polished on a plastic wheel and carefully aligned for long life.Center rotor is measured for wear and replaced if needed . Rotor to side cap clearances are measured and parts are replaced to allow a very minimum air gap. This rotor tip to side cap clearance is very crutial to the start up and proper running of these distributors, especially running 6 volts .

Coil and condenser are machine tested and we suggest using new or rebuilt replacements when possible to assure a proper coil and condenser function..