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5237 FORD STreet speedway IN 46224 us

Well I turn 70 this year (April ) and its another milestone.

People ask me some times “what do you do” and my answer for 50 plus years is “I do Cars”

From a kid in the Esso station in the early sixtys my entire life has been servicing, teaching or just playing with cars!!! From a farm mechanic , gas station, motorcycle shop,Firestone ,fleet mechanic for Town Of Speedway Police cars-trucks etc. Then teaching mechanics at Lincoln Tech ( Ignition ) to Allen Testproducts as program developer and training instructor. Opened my own business in 1991 training mechanics, dyno shop and servicing Fuel Injector Systems with products shipped all over the US . Taught automotive seminars in 28 states over the years...

Hobby interests has always been cars and hot rods . Vintage cars caught up with me at the Newport Indiana Annual Hillclimb and my friends and I serviced the entered cars in a Newport Alley for 32 years....Could write a book regarding those 32 years!!! We called out little mobile shop “Bubbas Garage” . Heres some Bubba humor from Newport !

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaonGUjf8YY  (cut and paste)

For 2019 our plans are to only service Ford Flathead V8 distributor units and a few select aftermarket units. (such as Mallory, Grant Flamethrower and Harmon Collins)..

This should quicken our turn around time and thats what we do best . Flatheads ...  




Artist drawing ( David Lord)  from Newport  showing the bus hauler/camper, the model T Speedster and Bubbas Garage. 2006 ????

Some Bubba Thoughts from our 32  years at Newport.

  • Some car guy next to bubbas made killer bloody marys for years every  morning. RIP Putz !
  • I aint ready to laugh about this !! After i told terry he did good for a old guy when the trailer hitch came off the trailer on our way back to Indy.
  • Man a big wheel will really roll coming down the hill. 41 mph per local cops radar..
  • Race fuel with a bit of nitro will eat up your shop rag ??
  • That time i lost a borrowed air compressor on the way home !!​