flathead ignition



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I build these as fast as i can . Takes some tear down modifications and machine work. 

To order you can use pay pal to   jimlinder@juno.com  Our phone number is 317-618-1814 but sometimes when working i am hard to get on the phone .

 You may send a check to  Jim Linder , 5237 Ford Street, Speedway Indiana  46224.

Point Version = $300   (includes coil and shipping)

Comes with cap, rotor, factory style hold down , coil and resistor.


by adding the correct coil and resistor the operation amperage and heat will be correct  , wattage is divided and unit will run for a long time with points. Solid wires may also be used..

We no longer sell or offer electronic ignition on these units!

They are 70 Chevrolet V8 cores and electronic modules are available thru https://www.summitracing.com, Jegs or Amazon etc. There is nothing wrong with the Pertronixs kit , we like the 1181LS part number . the problem is with the installer either wiring them incorectly or using the wrong ignition coil.




I had a friend that bought a dual carb flathead hot rod with the stock loadamatic distributor and dual carbs. It ran terrible, after spending some time on the internet i seen where someone had machined a Delco Chevrolet unit for this application.

Having a couple 70s Delco laying around the shop i cleaned one up and took it my machine shop friend on Gasoline Alley.

We then reassembled it and curved it for a flathead engine with full mechanical advance. My friend liked it so much he came by the shop and wanted two more done up.

My next batch we did  6 more !!!  That was over 1000 units ago!! We have shipped 1400 units in a little over 7 years !!! Thats a lot of Delco cores!

After every 10 we shipped, i listened and watched very closely !  

In the seven to eight years we have built these we have made many internal in house changes on paint finish, mounting flange  ( like stock unit), contact quality , lead wires , caps and rotors.  Even the spark advance curves etc. I feel that today we have the absolute flathead igntion ever made!!

A few years ago we were at the 100 Car Pile Show eating dinner downtown with all the hot rods etc. When i asked to pay my bill for the evening the waitress said your bill was paid by the guy in the corner!  Wow dinner and few drinks , but why? I went over the thank the guy who i didnt know and he said ,you sold me a chevy conversion for my flathead and it fixed my overheating problem! A new radiator for $400 was next on my list but after the distributor change i didnt need it , so enjoy the evening!!  I guess proper advance is important  !!