flathead ignition



5237 FORD STreet speedway IN 46224 us

This is a great time to buy new side caps , WD40 the wires and align per firing order (thanks Mac Van Pelt) per the diagram..

Using the brilman wire connectors (w ww.brillman.com), the connector has a hole for solid wire and a snap side section providing a very positive snap fitting into the side caps !!!  Solder the wire ends and belt sand smooth before placing into cap . Notice that we are also using Moroso wire number heat shrink to label the wires....  


This should be a lifetime replacement wire set for the helmet. I suggest using the NAPA # 734803 in the hundred foot spool. (takes approx 20 for the flathead). If you can buy it by the foot buy 25 feet. Solid core lead wire 7mm will fit the tubes if ya want to use them as well . Just hose everything down with WD40 and slip and slide in to the looms etc. Caution , once the WD drys out they wont slip very well at all.

The good part of doing it this way is they can be made perfect with the bad part being the time required.