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5237 FORD STreet speedway IN 46224 us

We were the Grand Marshalls of the Annual Newport Hillclimb parade. Got to ride the route in the back of a Mercedes and throw candy out ....Jake did not like the bib overalls ........

The old Gasoline Alley "Hot Rod" night . Building a period ole T roadster. Left to right is Wally. Jake,My son Scott and me .... 

My name's Jake, I have worked with my grandpa Jim Linder for 5 years and started attending his Hot Rod night when I was 8, it's always been a blast to come work with him, this will be the best job I ever have, but my job here is too assemble distributors from shaft to final product, package them once tested and ran and send them out to UPS.

I still remember his shop on Gasoline Alley and it used to be so amazing driving his golf cart around his old building, going in and being a part of the Hot Rod night we had every Wednesday, eating pizza with everyone and enjoying the nights every week.

I usually am around working on weekends from 8ish to about 4-5, it's a great time solving world problems with mypap-aw and assembling the distributors he hands me, it's been a blessing being able to pick up a part of the work hes done for over 20 years and learning from the Guru himself.

I'm 18 currently and have spent more than half my life around my grandpa and his work, its always fascinated me to see what he's done with his life and this is his lifes work! I most definitely plan to come and work for him when I can, he's been a blessing to me, maybe I'll be able to take over this business one day!