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I guess i have somewhat of a fondness for these old Mallorys . One of the family stories is that as a teenager i had a job making $80 bucks a week and spent $ 88 dollars borrowing the extra $8 from my cousin Sandy. No concern eating or buying gas it was just something i had to have. Still a favorite if ya want that old school look and function.

These distributors worked very well and when matched to the correct ignition coil and resistor they would run forever with little or no maintance.

Our rebuilds on these run a flat $250 and every screw is removed , cleaned , polished or replaced. Problem is corrision inside and years of dryed up grease and rust prevent proper advance action. Even a NOS unit in the box needs degreasing and relubing!

Each unit is cleaned , blasted , refinished for that factory look and machine tested.

Some of these ( like the picture) also had a vacuum piston that worked very much like the factory flathead ford vacuum retard unit. We can restore that function or weld up the advance ring to prevent that function and act totally mechanical.

Petronixs makes a electronic conversion kit for these and it comes with either a four lobe or eight lobe configuration.

The black two piece cap is no longer available and new ones on ebay often bring $200 or more . We purchase entire distributors often just to get the two piece distributor cap.

Mallory large brass condensors are also no longer available and we have a good supply of used ones that clean up, polish and tst good for customer use.

We do not sell these parts as our parts collection is for customer builds only! 

WOW !   Flathead , flatcap and tach drive with Electronic Ignition the best of all worlds.  Its a model YD - 356 A D -2 Machined to fit the flathead and curved for 24 degrees !   

The pictures above show the Mallory YC with twopiece cap and the Mallory YL with the early Ford style flatcap. These two were built for the same customer. Both are great units. The smaller case flatcap Mallory YL usually was ran on Marine applications and used in boats to gain engine cover clearance. They typically have a single point set up and are very reliable. Need something low for that blown engine or just a smaller distributor period the Model YL is for you.  We machine these for the flathead engine for $ 135 added to the rebuild pricing...




Nice pair of early Oldsmobile Mallorys   Mallory YCM-250AX  and ZB-250AX   fits olds with D drive oil pumps . The ZB is the earlier model using different contact points from the YCM unit..... From Gas Axe Garage .......