flathead ignition



5237 FORD STreet speedway IN 46224 us

Order processing ??  This would be a typical distributor repair order process:

UPS delivers a box to    Bubbas Hot Rod Shop, 5237 Ford street, Speedway Indiana 46224..

Box is opened to find a Helmet Distributor, a note with customers info and a check for the amount. ( perfect day)

Customer order is entered in our computer and a repair order is printed out.

Repair order and box is placed on Terrys work bench for teardown testing and clean up. (monday) Tuesday when i got to work ( 9;30 ish) Terry had the unit apart and was blasting all the parts etc. A little before lunch i got the clean bagged up parts and spray lubed all inside parts , installed new polished contacts and assembled the unit. Ran on tester and adjusted both sets of points with dwell meter and confirmed proper 40B advance! Bagged the unit and packed for shipping. Shipped UPS , will be picked up 4:00 or so.  And no i cant do this every day , wish i could....