flathead ignition


5237 FORD STreet speedway IN 46224 us

Well the adventure continues . DB took the 304 apart and we found more damage to the cylinder walls ( from sitting i guess). Three cylinders will need to be sleeved ! Some rust damage below the ring travel but still needs repair... I took the engine to Jack Grey ( old shop with tons of experience) to have three sleeves installed, and just a over all look-see inspection. He cleaned the block , sleeved three cylinders and knurled the pistons. All the head studs were removed to find most had small cracks at the block are around the stud caused by over torquing when installed . All studs were removed and trimmed as many were too long!! Engine was ported somewhere along its life time, cam shaft inspection shows a ton of duration also picked by the builder many years ago...We added a main girdle and new gaskets. Looks pretty good to me . I will fire it up and run a little on the engine stand before installing it.

Water pumps were sent to Skip for rebuild, will paint the engine when they return. This engine will become our "blue engine" as the 49 trucks had blue engines. ( I guess)

​Stay tuned as the adventur unfolds...

Our spare "yellow" engine is a 286 Merc crank we built for the truck and had some problems with the camshaft index (builder issue). Its a new engine with all new stuff, special camshaft etc. I plan on using the twin stromberg WW carbs and the twin edmunds intake on this one.

Hoping the ECTA folks find a new place to run close to Indy after closing the Wilmington track....