flathead ignition


5237 FORD STreet speedway IN 46224 us

TIME MARCHES ON!!  A group of hot rodders and I built this 1949 Ford truck in 2006 and ran it at Bonneville. Drove three runs on the salt ( under the record 6 mph . Took a quick lesson in air density and altitute. Truck would run the record in Indianapolis but not in Bonneville. Later set intial record in XF/PP at ECTA event in Ohio. Truck is gone now and Jacob ( grandson ) just turned 18 ..... Took another one off my bucket list with this one.......


One of my favorites for sure , available on ebay often as a dual and a single point unit. Has air vents in the side required for Marine use.

Offers the lowest ever profile when used with flatcap.

The single point version is very reliable and the advance is totally adjustable and also works extremely well. Shown is a Chevrolet version with a flathead version (machined to fit the flathead Ford engine).

Period "old school" caps are shown as produced although you can use any of the Mallory or flathead crab style caps.....

Got up one day and walked thru the garage and thought ,

"i dont own a car thats comfortable!!".

Started looking and bought this really slick , black 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline. Mustang 2 front end, 350 chevy with automatic , Caddy front seat with custom upholstry , vintage air and heat., power rack and steering with some custom body mods. Plan on driving the wheels off it this summer.....

​Car has the stance !!  NO BAGS  " Bags are for Grocerys!!!"

Mallory YC  Model 11A:   Customer sent this one in for a evalautaion. Didnt know if he wanted to purchase one of our new Mallorys for the Model A or use what he had.  I ask him to send it to us and let us decide for him. This is what i got in the box.  Points were just thrown in , incorrect condensor and damaged drive shaft coupling??? The metal in these old units is pretty good. and usually has a light rust coating and some crud preventing the advance opersaion. So lets clean er up and then take another look.  WOW cleaned up just great , even the contacts were new , just greasy ( a trip to the ultrasonic cleaner and they are great).  Reassembled with a fresh coat of clear and some spray lube . Ran on tester unit has a 20 degree advance plate and thats at 2500 rpm.

Works like a champ. Put another 10 or so degrees on the balancer and you got your 30 degrees. Has that old school look....

​This worked out to be quite a bit cheaper than selling him a new one.....