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A note regarding our plastics for Helmet Distributors!

As we have rebuilt hundreds of helmet distributors ( 1932-1941)A typical rebuild consists of rebuilding the helmet unit, glass beading, inspection and lube of all parts to including installing a new set of contact points. The unit is then ran and adjusted on a test machine to confirm proper dwell and timing settings.  $ 250

Most are shipped at that time without the coil, side caps and wire cover etc.

However we do from time to time have in stock some used plastics.

We test all coils for proper resistance and coil out put. The carefully clean and paint and offer them up for approx. one half price.

If at some point these coils should fail I would suggest sending them to :

George “Skip” Haney

29436  Taralane Dr.

Punta Gorda, Fl  33982  

send coil and check for $85 to be rebuilt.


Skip does a great job rebuilding these coils and can also convert to 12 volt if needed…..


Our used pricing:

Coils   $75

Side terminal caps             $15 ea

Caps   $5.00

All with distributor rebuild = $100


Thanks for your business !                     Jim @ bubbasignition.com