flathead ignition

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I used to say "if it makes spark we do it". Today that's changed a little bit after building a few thousand ignition systems.

Feel free to email or contact us to discuss your latest restoration or hot rod project.

However remember " Early Ford " is our main speciality and that what we wish to do and do well! The turn around on the early Ford units is out main priority and will always receive our attention!

Mallorys would fall under our second love as i think they belong in a period engine and perform and run very well! Our Mallory restoration service is another one of our specialty service items. 

I get the request to " take a look at it " all the time. Actually we dont ever just look at it! If you send it to us we expect to do something to it! In some cases you may want it tested on the machine to check overall operation and the spark advance curve . The curve may then need to be adjusted! Our basic spark curve is $78 plus return shipping of $18...