flathead ignition



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We built our very first Loadamatic replacement distributor at our gasoline alley hot rod shop somewhere around 1998.

 Since then we have shipped over 2500 of these Delco full advance distributors. During this period i have answered hundreds of calls and made many changes when needed. Today i feel that we have the perfect alternative ignition for the flathead distributor. Especially if the engine has been modified and the venturi carb vacuum has been affected.

Distributor is checked for proper cam lube and ran on tester for some time at 5,000 rpm. We listen to the buzz at 5,000 and just the sound lets us know that this unit is PERFECT !!!!!!

After much trial and error , we have settled in on the NAPA Echlin CS786 contacts and the RR-175 condensors !!!   This contact set is the very best made and uses a dual contact ( ie:spring and brass strap) Spring tension is perfect and the units all will run 5,000 plus rpm. After using the RR-175 condensor in everything for many years its very seldom ( if ever) we see a defective condensor. When used with our (included) matching ignition coil they both have a very long life and provide proper spark output for the Flathead engines.

Some of our customers feel as if they need electronic ignition based on past point experiences . We feel its a waste of cash as the contact systems wil work very well when used as a set.......

Every unit is adjusted and ran on a tester for a few minutes, point dwell is adjusted to 30 degrees ( .018) . Advance springs use one blue and one silver to provide a perfect spark advance curve of 18-20 degrees ( engine) at 2500 rpm.....This has proven to be the perfect curve for the flathead.